Earth Viewer

Earth Viewer was written primarily for elementary school students. It shows the daytime and nighttime portions of the Earth for any day of the year.

You may choose either of two views - Globe or Map. Globe shows the planet as it would appear from space. Map shows a flat view of the entire surface. Click on the button to switch to the view you want.

When viewing the Globe, you can center the latitude and longitude of any point on the surface by adjusting the scroll bars, or by clicking on the point you want to center.

The date and time may be set as you please, and can be reset to the current date and time by pressing the reset button. Times are always shown in the local time your computer is set for.

The images can be animated by selecting the Animate button. Daily animation shows the Earth as it appears every fifteen minutes; Seasonal animation shows it every 7 days.

NOTE - I've added a list of cities to the control panel. In the globe view, selecting one of the cities from the list will rotate the globe so that the selected city is centered in the view. This is currently just an experiment, so the list is short; the list is not available from the map view, since it doesn't make sense there.

Please let me know what you think of this feature; if it's popular, I'll probably expand the list to include the world capitols.

Earth Viewer will take a minute or two to download and start - please be patient.

I would enjoy hearing what you think about Earth Viewer. Please write to me at the address below.

We're sorry - Earth Viewer is not available.
You must have a Java capable browser to use Earth Viewer.

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Originally posted October 8, 1998.

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